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Humidifying Equipment

Do you grumble about the dry air in your home or business during the Sioux Falls winter?

The pros at Superior Heating & Air Conditioning can install a humidifier to introduce moisture to your building that is lost by the combination of dry wintery air and your heating system.

Superior has over a quarter-century of experience in providing heating, cooling, and indoor air quality comfort to residential and commercial customers throughout the Sioux Falls, South Dakota region.

Humidifier Installation

When winter arrives in South Dakota, so too does the stale, dry air in your home or business when you turn on your heating system. The good news is, replacing lost moisture is easy with a humidifying unit from Superior Heating & Air Conditioning. If you want to learn more about humidifiers and the services that we offer, scroll down or contact us today!


Benefits of Humidifiers

Viruses are known to flourish in low-moisture settings. Prevent illnesses among family members and employees by maintaining proper humidity.

Asthma and allergy symptoms can be aggravated by dry air. Sore throats, hacking coughs, dry nasal cavities, chapped lips and itchy skin are all signals that you need to re-introduce moisture to your home or business.

Your residence or business is a major investment and you want it and its contents to remain sound for as long as possible. Dry air takes a toll on wood, paint, artwork, furniture, electronic equipment and more.

When to Call for Repairs

  • Excessive Indoor Moisture
  • Mold or Mildew Odors or Growth
  • Air Has Become Dry Again
  • Clogged or Hardened Wick or Sponge Pad
  • Mineral Deposits Covering Unit’s Grille

Humidifier Service & Repair

Just as with your heating and cooling system, it’s vital to maintain regular service on your humidifying unit to ensure proper function when you need it, reduce the likelihood of repairs and save money on energy bills. Superior Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving the Sioux Falls area since 1979. To have your residential or commercial humidifier inspected, serviced or repaired, contact us today.